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Bathroom and Kitchen Remodeling Experts

If you are searching for reputable, trusted remodeling contractors in Washington and Virginia, look no further, JC&P it is the answer.  FREE ESTIMATE!

Financing accessible

Liquidity is one of the characteristics that best define the strength and maneuverability of a company. The difficulties of a business begin when cash is scarce and it is not easy to find ways of financing.

Free Estimate

your query will be created by professionals for what you need

Straightforward, upfront and honest

They knew what needed to be fixed, provided the best solutions and completed the job. Everything was done on time and according to estimate. When additional problems were discovered, they were addressed before work continued. Straightforward, upfront and honest.

For Your Next Service Call

When you call JC&P for service, you're calling a company that keeps its promises to hundreds of customers every day. 

Why choose us?

Satisfied customers

"Wthout a doubt the best option for my kitchen remodeling, they did a great job at the best price"

T. Haskins

"Work of great quality and punctuality, my bathroom is now luxurious, congratulations granh work"

B. Reynolds

"The cost is really good and the service is totally guaranteed, I am totally satisfied and grateful"

C. Jones

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